Client Testimonials

"Steve's attention to detail and the quality of his work allows us to put forth a high caliber image of our cadets. He makes sure our cadets look like professional military personnel."

Carl Lloyd, LTC
Oak Ridge Military Academy

"Without Steve's efforts, the MMA yearbook quality would not be at the current high level. We appreciate Steve Biggers Photography and would gladly recommend him."

Mark L. Elwood
Director of Information & Publications
Missouri Military Academy

"Steve's skill as a photographer, the business sense with which he approaches customer service, the quality of his product, and his ready availability are some of the many reasons we have kept him as our exclusive school photographer."

Ann Carol Grant, M.S.A., COL
Riverside Military Academy

"It is a pleasure to work with Steve Biggers. He understands the activities and functions associated with military schools, and his understanding is reflected in his photography."

Susan Stevenson
Academic Dean
Marion Military Institute

"The personable approach that Steve brings to working with our cadets allows him to produce images that uniquely reflect the personality of each cadet while reflecting the high quality and standards of Riverside."

Roger Mick
Admissions Counselor
Riverside Military Academy

"Steve Biggers captures the essence of Marion Military Institute like no other photographer. He has allowed my office to produce publications and brochures that are first rate and generate the results we want."

Susan McKee
Director of Development
Marion Military Institute

“It's my pleasure and with utmost confidence that I recommend Steve Biggers Studios and their services. Steve’s commitment to the Military school environment shows in everything he does. He understands the workings of these programs and knows when and where to go to get the job done.

I know our staff enjoys working with him, he works well with our cadets, and our parents are very pleased with his work.”

Major Tom Sloan
Executive Officer
Kemper Military School and College